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Sending flowers to someone you care about is a great way to express love, condolences, congratulations, and much more. Flowers are almost always appropriate and warmly received. Here at W/E Flowers Ukiah Flower Shop, we offer some of the best delivery flowers in Ukiah, CA. Our staff works diligently to ensure that our flowers are delivered on time and that they look stunning on arrival.

Send flower gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and many other occasions. You could brighten someone’s day who is currently in the hospital or send flowers as a thank-you to a neighbor or friend. Whatever the occasion, our gorgeous flowers are sure to make someone smile.

When you choose W/E Flowers Ukiah Flower Shop as your flower delivery provider, you can be sure that the arrangement is exactly what you had in mind. We take custom orders, ensuring that favorite flowers are used or color preferences are taken into account. We can also incorporate greenery or other natural elements into the arrangement.

W/E Flowers Ukiah Flower Shop can create just about any floral arrangement, from elegant and romantic long stemmed roses to more artistic, modern designs. We see flower arrangement as an art form—it is not just placing flowers into a vase. Care is taken to cut each stem and place each flower, and the results are gorgeous.

We are the best flower shop in Ukiah, CA, and our excellent online reviews give a glimpse as to why. When you need to send a thoughtful arrangement to a loved one for any occasion, pick up the phone and call W/E Flowers Ukiah Flower Shop. We will do whatever we can to make your floral arrangement everything you dreamed it could be.

W/E are concerned about the environment and offer the Greenest Delivery possible, Walking Del, Cargo Bike Delivery or our Hybrid Delivery Vehicle. We deliver to surrounding area, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, and service available to Willits, Booneville, Covello.

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